5 Easy gardening tips for Summer 2021

Summer is coming, and most of us want to enjoy the warm summer nights outside in our gardens. Low or easy maintenance gardening is what many people are looking for, either through necessity or preference. No garden will be zero maintenance, but there are few good-to-know tips to upgrade your garden for summer 2021. If you are struggling to know how to upgrade your garden into hassle free low-maintenance garden, keep reading. We will give you 5 easy and low garden maintenance tips that anyone can do to upgrade your garden into an outside oasis.

Lawn garden

 1. Lawn

A lush and well-maintained lawn is the perfect green foil for a colourful garden and a great summer picnics setting. However, lawns need regular work. Keeping a lawn looking good is arguably the most time-consuming of all garden jobs. You should strive to cut your lawn at least once a week in summer and once every two weeks during spring, autumn and warm winters. Regular cutting encourages the roots to spread, preventing gaps and blocking out weeds in your lawn. You could also consider having just a small area of short grass in the most formal garden area and leaving the rest to be more natural. If you want to keep the lawn, make it a square shape. A rectangular lawn can be cut in minutes, whilst an irregular shaped lawn can take 10 times longer. Even though rain is typical in England, make sure your yard gets water once a week or once every other week. When it comes to weed, the simplest way is to remove lawn weeds as and when they appear. Filling in the hole that’s left behind with fresh compost and lawn seed makes for a quick and easy fix.


garden shed

2. Storage

Always have plenty of accessible storage in the garden to keep the low-maintenance garden tidy and clean. The easier it is to put things away and access them, the easier and more enjoyable it is to get the gardening done. If you can invest in a small garden shed, it is a good idea to have space for it. Lawnmower, shovel, gloves and spades – you name it! – are all in there, and they will be handy whenever you need them, but not for everyone to see them.


3. Deck It Out

A decked area turns your garden into an extension of your living space. If you are not feeling excited about cutting your lawn or it just does not look great, you can deck it. Outdoor decking is a suitable replacement for a labour-intensive lawn. It is ideal for creating seating areas effortlessly, whether you are looking for a spot to read, a patio area for entertaining guests, or simply a quiet corner to relax. However, there are some concerns about garden decking, such as its durability and the fact that traditional wood decking can become slippery in wet British weather. For the ultimate low maintenance deck, opt for wood-lookalike composite varieties. It won’t rot, warp, crack, or splinter, and just simple soap and water cleaning every now and again is all that’s needed to keep it looking like new for years.


Plants4. Pockets of Plants

There is no such thing as a ‘no maintenance’ plants, but you can opt for plants that require little care. Ensure you check the requirements for each plant. For example, the expected mature height and spread or pruning may be necessary if the plant’s pocket is too small. Using pots and other containers keeps your plants tidy and save you time from trimming them back. There is only so much growing your plants can do inside the pot before they run out of room. Pots can be a great way to décor and add character to your garden. Choose a style of pot and stick with it. White is a great and safe option for neutral that goes with everything. Just make sure there is not too much going on since that can make your modern garden design look way too busy. Make sure you have some plants in your garden but try to really contain them to boxed in areas, so you don’t have to worry about pruning them all the time.


5. Solar-powered Outdoor Lighting

Solar-powered outdoor lights are easy to install since they don’t require any wiring or other power sources, which makes them easy to set up wherever you want. Since there are no wires, you can place your solar lights wherever you desire – as long as there is enough sunshine to generate energy. You will also notice the benefit of your power bills since these lights aren’t using your electricity. Solar lights are also safe to use since they don’t use power cords or electricity. They can be used near ponds, swimming pools, and other water features. Once they have been positioned to the sunlight, they are basically maintenance-free.


Getting in the professionals to keep on top of your garden in a regular basis can really free your time. Portfolio Letting Experts have partnered up with a local gardening company called Benefitz to help you with your gardening. If you want to have a exclusive offer through us, fill this form here.


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