Our monthly report is a comprehensive report of the rental market from the local area of Bournemouth (BH). Monthly reports shares latest information about the current property markets and takes a look at the financial performances of your current portfolio. Reports also share headlines and other hot topics that you need to know about the property markets over the month. Everything you need to know packed in one place!

JUNE 2021

The rental market remains strong, with rents increasing across the UK driven by a lack of supply at a time when markets are seasonally active. Interestingly Bournemouth and Poole remain prime areas for investors as both room rents and room rent price increases in the last 12 months are amongst some of the highest in the UK.

In this report we also look forward to the next student intake and basic steps to maximise the rental opportunity for the 2022/2023 campaign in the turn over period.

Executive Summary

Property Data

Limited Rental Supply

Average Room Rents UK

Focus on 2022/23 Student Lettings

MAY 2021

The property sales market shows no signs of slowing down as buyers are still trying to beat the race for the stamp duty deadline. Increase in demand has seen the average UK house prices rise at its fastest rate in 17 years.

The residential lettings markets remains stable with rents steadily increasing. As we move closer to the end of student season Rightmove has 265 available student properties. There are opportunities to diversify portfolio’s by looking at serviced accommodation options which can offer increased yields but come at a higher cost.

Executive Summary

Property Data

Eviction Ban

Tax Reporting

PayProp App

APRIL 2021

The markets remain very buoyant with property sells activity nearing a 10 year high in Q1 2021 supported by the governments fiscal stimulus and COVID response.

Executive Summary

Rental property index

Sellers’ Market


The Eviction ban

Debt Respite Scheme

Green Grant Scheme

Electrical Safety

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