Our e-book is a comprehensive guide that helps our portfolio landlords to build, shape and manage their properties. E-book will be released chapter by chapter, which discusses a specific topic of interest.


Our property blog takes a look at the current local markets around Dorset to give our landlords current insights about the property markets. This enables you to manage your portfolio properties to the best of your knowledge.


Every month we share a monthly report, where we look at the current property market, give tips and seasonal offerings on services that are useful when managing properties.


Here are the latest updates of the current rental property markets. We share the monthly reports to break down the recent property market numbers and raise current topics from the market. Our e-book publishes different topics for each chapter, so you can easily read a topic of your interest in one place. Lastly, our property blog shares various posts from interviews to top tips or how-to’s to help you keep your property investments beneficial.

MAY 2021

Monthly report

The property sales market shows no signs of slowing down as buyers are still trying to beat the race for the stamp duty deadline. Increase in demand has seen the average UK house prices rise at its fastest rate in 17 years.

The residential lettings markets remains stable with rents steadily increasing. As we move closer to the end of student season Rightmove has 265 available student properties.



In our second chapter of our e-book, we discuss numbers – in another words, finance. By becoming a landlord, you’re managing an ongoing financial source – the rental income you receive from tenants. You pay tax on rental income like any other monthly earnings. There are different payments in different stages that you need to be aware of.

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