What a tenant wants from your property

What a tenant wants from your property

The demand for rental property shows no sign of slowing down, so in theory, you shouldn’t struggle to secure tenants for your property.

So I’m always surprised by the number of landlords whose properties have been vacant for long periods of time.

In this situation, it is often the case that the landlord has put no consideration towards what tenants want.

Of course, price is the number one reason tenants choose a property, however tenants are also moving in order to find a better quality property for a better price.

By understanding what a tenant is looking for, you can make more property more appealing and get it rented quickly:

Keep It Unfurnished

Research shows that 6 in 10 renters prefer an unfurnished property. Since very few properties are offered unfurnished, if yours is, it will stand out considerably.


Tenants are looking for ease of travelling to work, schools, stations, gyms and shops. Therefore, stating the distance and approximate travel times from your property to these locations could help boost interest.

Weekly Cleaning Service

It may seem like a unnecessary add-on, but 16.21% of tenants say that offering a cleaning service as part of the tenancy is an ‘important’ feature. So, if your property has been on the market for a long time, this might be something to consider offering.

High Speed Internet

With the high number of millennial renters, it is important to make your property appeal to this market. Knowing that there’s a fast internet connection and good phone service in the area is a top priority for these tenants.

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